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A natural experience that embodies history, heritage, style and simplicity in equal measures. The bare bones of Mediterranean Archipelago liberate the mind and nourish the soul.

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Our kitchen is an ode to the abundance of the Mediterranean cuisine. A poetic approach to traditional flavors refined with a contemporary attitude that tastes original and unexpected, is reflected on every plate.

Gathering around a table elevates every meal into a special occasion. A communal ritual known as symposium which has been practiced since the Golden Age of Athens, is the essence of Greek culture. Honoring our heritage and encouraging a spirit of radical togetherness, all dishes are meant to be shared and allow an array of complementary flavors and contrasting textures to reveal the freshness of the ingredients. Relaxed and unpretentious, this is an elevated Mediterranean culinary experience with none of the formality of fine dining.


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Oolaa’s mixologists are more like alchemists. They harmoniously blend well known ingredients with foraged herbs and seasonal fruits from the Greek peninsula to reintroduce favorite cocktails as elixirs of joy. Ironwort from Mount Olympus, mastic tears from Mytilene or tentura from Achaia, give a Mediterranean twist and add a fortifying dash to craft cocktails.

Focusing on an evolutionary drinking experience, maximum flavor is extracted from every ingredient and aperitifs are embellished with painterly garnishes, so one can feels a sense of connection to the Mediterranean culture even through the drinks.

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